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6 Tips for Luscious Lips

6 Tips for Luscious Lips

So we all want gorgeous, luscious lips this summer. After all , they hold lippy on much better than dry and shrivelled peckers. So how can we keep lips luscious in the dry, hot summer weather ?

Firstly we need to know why ‘lip’ skin is different to the rest of our skin. The skin on our lips is much thinner than the rest of our bodies, this is why we they appear red, as you can see the blood vessels through the thinner skin. They need much more care too as the lip skin has no oil glands in it . Oil gives a protective layer and will help buffer the elements. So lips are delicate and need a little more care and attention. So how can we help protect them and give ourselves perfect pouts in the mean time ?

Here are Dr Charlottes 6 Tips for Sexy Lips

  1. Lips absorb water and moisture up like a dead sea sponge. When they are hydrated they are plump and luscious, But just like a sponge they will shrivel and dry out when they are dehydrated. So the main (and easiest) way to keep them plump is by keeping your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  2. Matt lipsticks are very drying to lips, so wear them sparingly. Alternate use with a deliciously hydrating lippy, or smack on a layer of lip balm underneath to ensure they don’t dry out too much.
  3. Stop eating yourself alive. Ok so that’s a bit extreme, but constantly licking your lips damages your lips. Your saliva has enzymes in it that start the digestion process and so licking lips will damage the lips protective barrier.
  4. DPF (Daylight protection factor) so normally this is called SPF (sun protection factor) but really I prefer to call it DPF , as the suns rays can damage skin (and lips) even in the cloudiest weather. Lips lack melanin which is the pigment that protects the skin from the sun. So they are more vulnerable to the suns damaging rays. Use a lipstick or moisturiser that which have high SPF.
  5. Go Balmy about balms. Use a hydrating lip balm often. Check your balm is from the best and most hydrating ingredients :  Beeswax, Shea butter and Vit E, or oils such as Almond, coconut or jojoba., alternatively stick to cheap and easy Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).
  6. Finally enjoy exfoliation. Getting rid of dead, dry skin off your lips will allow hydrating balm sot reach the good skin and means you will be able to get a great result with your lipstick / gloss . Why not try adding a little sugar to some delicious coconut oil and giving it a rub over your lips with either your finger or a tooth brush.

Final Tips for a perfectly plumping effect to your lipstick:

  1. Firstly use a slightly darker lip liner and overdraw the lip line slightly (so its just alongside your lip line)
  2. Then apply your lippy and at centre blend a tiny drop of foundation and top this with gloss.

Perfect pouts all round!

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