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So, you’re interested in the treatment, why not find out a bit about us too.

Dr Charlotte

Hi I’m Dr Charlotte!

My soul aim is to make you look good and, perhaps more importantly, feel good about yourself. As you can see, none of us are perfect! So I understand that we all have our own concerns about how we look and that is what I love… we’re all unique.

As a dentist and medical aesthetic clinician, I have an extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy as well as extensive experience in injection techniques. I aim to use these skills and my experience to a highly professional but caring experience that will cater to your needs. I provide treatments that enhances and rejuvenate your natural beauty and every treatment plan is tailor made after a consultation.

I have the vision that subtle changes can make a huge difference. Feeling good and confident about your appearance is extremely empowering and I strives to deliver advice and treatment in a friendly, approachable but professional way.

Whenever I provide treatment I want my clients to feel cared for and treated in a safe and professional way. I always work to the highest possible clinical standards to achieve this so my clients can feel totally at ease and comfortable to ask any questions they wish.

Our beautiful Victorian treatment room offers a relaxing and calming experience for both your consultation and treatment . We aim that you will feel comfortable and relaxed so you can be yourself and enjoy your treatments. You will be offered a drink and can sit and have a relaxed chat with Dr Charlotte about your needs in comfortable surroundings.

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