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Dr Charlotte’s 8 Skin Winter Wonders

  • DateWednesday, 2 November 2016
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Dr Charlotte’s 8 Skin Winter Wonders

pink-hat-brunetteAs summer fades and winter approaches, we make the shift from trying to minimise sweaty greasiness, to aiming for ultimate hydration.

The cold crisp days outside, combined with the indoors central heating leaves our poor skin battered, dry and damaged. Sometimes even so much that skin cracks and can become sore and inflamed. This type of skin is yelling ‘HELP ME!’

So what can we do to keep a beautiful winter glow ?

Take a look at my top Winter Skin Wonders.

Dry SkinMiracle Moisturisers :

The key to wonderful winter skin is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Dry damaged winter skin is in need of intensive moisture. Try to avoid water based lotions and opt for oil based ones instead. The oil will help form a protective layer and lock in moisture as well. Look out for key ingredients call humectants (glycerine, alpha-hydroxy acids and sorbitol) that actually help attract more moisture.

lotus-scrubExcellent exfoliation :

Whilst you might be thinking exfoliation is a bad idea in winter, this could not be further from the truth. Dead, dry skin cells on the surface, means the skin looks less luminous. Exfoliation will mean that these dead skin cells are removed and leaves your skin glowing. It will also mean your deep hydration moisturisers will get into the skin better. However, you might want to swap for a more gentle exfoliant, rather than a harsh, gritty type.

Winter SunSuper Sunscreen :

Yes, even in winter ! The damaging rays of the sun still penetrate through the dull cloudy days, even through the rain and snow. So make sure you wear sunscreen EVERY day regardless of the season. Even rays from strip lights can damage your skin so wear it even if you are indoors all the time. In fact, just make it a part of your regular morning routine , then ill be happy, I might even stop mentioning it every spare second 😉

face-maskPerfect Products :

So with the drying effects of winter, its important to take stock of your regular products and check they are serving you the best they can.  Think about making a swap from drying alcohol based products and toners to moisture rich, cream based products like cream cleansers etc.  Also pack away the clay based masks as they tend to draw moisture out, and make a swap for a deep hydrating mask instead.

water-bowl-flowersHappy Humidity :

So with the cold crisp air outside and the dry hot air from heating inside, our skin is constantly battling the drying effects of winter. Think about getting a humidifier which increases the moisture content in the air, meaning there is less chance of your skin drying out. Alternatively, place bowls or dishes of water on the radiators, you can even add a few drops of essential oils for a nice scent. As the heating works, the water will evaporate into the air and have the same moisturising effect as a humidifier.

bathSuper Hot Soaks :

whilst it is very inviting to have a super hot soak in the bath after a cold day, really hot water can actually dry out your skin further. Really hot bath or shower water breaks down the oily barrier on your skin, leaving it dryer and more prone to loose moisture. Instead try a warm bath with nourishing oatmeal which relieves dry itchy skin.

Lpink-lippy-kissovely Lips :

They key to lovely winter lips is to protect them. The lips skin is delicate and more prone to drying. Use a moisturising lip balm with SPF and kill two birds with one stone. Avoid biting or licking your lips as this will have a drying out effect and leave lips cracked and flaky, far from lovely !

brightening-serum-30ml-bottle_Brightening Products :

If the effects of hormones, or too much sun worshipping in the last few months have left their marks on your skin, leaving with with pigmentation, discolouration and generally not so radiant, a brilliant way to bring your radiant glow back is with a prescription brightening product. These lighten and brighten darker patches and leave you with a smooth even radiant glow.

Keep Healthy :

As in summer, eating well and keeping fit will keep you looking your best regardless of the season. Think clean and green foods, and brisk winter walks to get your blood pumping and your appearance radiating.

So wrap up, enjoy the crisp cold winters and love your skin with plenty of moisture and protection. Happy winter xxx

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