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Timing is everything ………

As the old adage goes…..’Timing is Everything’ .
This is as true of aesthetics treatments as it is the rest of life in general. So how do you plan when to have treatments to fit in with lifes key moments ?
Ill let you in to a secret, probably half the call I get are people wanting some treatments for their big events (birthdays, weddings and holidays etc). Often they don’t want anyone to know they have had treatments but they want to look their best, and why not ?
As we know, looking and feeling your best is a huge confidence boost, and this is what we love at Dr Charlotte Aesthetics. So I totally get why people want to look and feel their best for these fabulous life events.
Sadly, many people only come in a few days before their event. This is the worst time to have aesthetic treatments, so often I have to advise against having any treatments and settling for after the big event.

So when is the perfect time for aesthetics


BOTOX (Antiwrinkle injections) :
Botox takes up to 1.5 – 2 weeks to reach its full effect. There is a small possibility that there may be a little unevenness and so need a minor adjustment, this would also take up to 2 weeks to reach full effect. So suddenly you are looking at a minimum of a month before your ‘big day’ to ideally start your treatment regime.
Remember results generally last 4-6 months so there is no risk of it going before the main event, even having your treatment this far in advance.
Whilst Fillers effects are visible straight away, unlike Botox, they too need a little planning. Whilst their is a small risk of bruising or swelling at the injection sites, its wise to plan a little time in advance to allow this to settle in the unlikely event it does happen.
Fillers can be sensitive to heat initially and so its wise to avoid saunas, sunbeds and extreme heat until the bruising and swelling has settled. So again its important to plan ahead.
Also it is important to be aware they you need to avoid facials etc after both treatments, see my other blog
for tip for getting the most out of your treatments.
So when planning treatments for big events, the general rule of thumb is to think ahead and plan for approx 1 month ahead.
So get your diarys out and get planning ahead lovely ladies.
Love Dr Charlotte xxx